Episode 12: The Secret to Building a Profitable and Enduring Brand with David Tyreman


Guest: David Tyreman

Topic: Preeminence


  • The rise of David Tyreman and Propaganda

  • Your brand is a story, your customer is the star

  • Making your brand unique

  • Who are you and what do you do?


Ep 12: The Secret to Building a Profitable and Enduring Brand with David Tyreman

“Without a brand, you’re simply a vendor… and vending is for machines. We’re not machines… we are people.” - David Tyreman (17:48-17:55)

Nic Peterson & Jeff Moore

Preeminence Unleashed

Branding is a business buzzword that’s misinterpreted and misused throughout all industries. Today’s entrepreneurs struggle to create effective, engaging, and memorable brands because they simply don’t understand what branding is.

David Tyreman helps businesses crack their DNA code to create powerful brands that open the floodgates of new customers and clients. Arriving in the U.S. with nothing more than a suitcase, $5,000, and a new idea, his venture into the antique business soon left him and his business partner flat broke with no idea of what to do next.

Over time, they transformed their business failure into the monumental multi-million dollar visual branding and merchandising company Propaganda. The company’s unique attention-getting strategies landed them a gambit of high-profile clients including Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger.

David is now on a mission to share the lessons he learned through his consulting, public speaking, and publishing under his new venture The World Famous Company.

A brand is a story starring your customer living happily ever after using your product or service with great trust and admiration.”

- Jeff Moore (13:04-13:18)

Your brand is your story, and your customer is the hero in that story. Businesses need a story to create a world customers can live through. This is the hub of your brand from which all branding elements like your website, tagline, and logo must grow. Most business owners do it the other way around. They complicate their brand, creating something that their own team can’t articulate. Your brand should be so clearly defined that any member of your organization can communicate it in one sentence.

Begin With the Hub of Your Brand

You can’t look at branding the same way your customers do. For the consumer, the brand identifies a specific product or service. For business owners, a brand distinguishes you from your competitors and allows you to connect with the right audience. Unlike vendors that become commodities, brands are identities based on people. Brands have personality.

Businesses try to emulate what others are doing in their industry, so they become invisible. Your brand must be unique to your business and the value it offers. It should be expressed at every touch point in the sales process to customers and everyone in your supply chain.

Every brand touchpoint is an opportunity to steal the show and inspire your customers.” - David Tyreman (22:37-22:52)

Your brand comes before your logo or website. Today’s logos are signposts that let customers know where they are. That’s not your brand. Think about what really differentiates your business from your industry competitors. Focus on effective branding solutions that connect with your target customers on an emotional level. That’s the real secret behind branding.

Identify who you are and what you do. Who is your customer? How do your customers brag about your business? Customers see you as the best, so what is it you do that makes them believe it? When you answer these questions, you create a language between you and your customer that represents a lasting and profitable relationship. When you answer these questions, you’ve created a brand.

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